Products and Services

Support to Schools and Academies

We offer strategic advice on policy, practice and procedures.

Working collaboratively with colleagues in schools, our core offer provides a proven systematic and vigorous approach to the management of pupil attendance. Our targeted intervention is accomplished through regular in-depth data analysis profiling and the monitoring of patterns of pupil absence allowing prompt response to the identification of vulnerable pupils/groups and the implementation of actions for improvement as per local authority attendance procedures.

Education Welfare Ltd has a comprehensive range of products and services which provide packages of support tailored to the needs of the school or academy.

• Registration with Education Welfare Ltd.
• Education Welfare Officer support.
• Advice and support available via telephone and emails (when not on school site).
• Review and advise on school attendance policy and procedures.
• Prepare for and manage local authority register checks. 
• Attendance data analysis profiling.
• Liaison with school staff regarding pupil concerns.
• Absence robustly challenged through a series of interventions which are targeted and proactive.
• Tracking of interventions.
• Regular meetings with designated school attendance lead providing advice on education welfare, attendance, persistent absenteeism and punctuality.
• Attend school admission meetings and initiate attendance contract.
• Attendance support plans implemented and reviewed.
• Complete referrals to agencies, stakeholders as required.
• Liaise between home and school.
• Parenting/pupil 1 to 1 support.
• Arrange and complete home visits, provide feedback to school.
• Arrange and chair/attend meetings in school with parents/carers which includes Attendance Case Conference and reviews.
• Implementation and management of the Penalty Notice process for attendance and Leave of Absence.
• Complete all necessary paperwork, following Local Authority procedures to support evidence to refer to the Local Authority for statutory intervention.
• Completion of witness statements and court appearances as required.
• Multi-agency liaison.
• Early Help Assessment.
Sensitively and proactively support families and, when necessary, encourage them to engage with Early Help services.
Attend multi-agency meetings.
• Child Protection/safeguarding.
Attend strategy, child protection, core group, and child in need meetings and looked after reviews with a focus on improving attendance and feed back to school.
• Ofsted inspection support.
As a priority, the Education Welfare Officer will attend school on the day of notification and the inspection day to meet with inspectors.
Provide school with a detailed bespoke attendance folder for inspection that includes case studies, data profile analysis, targeted intervention and actions that have been taken to improve school attendance and reduce persistent absenteeism.
• Transitional support.
• Governor’s attendance data report.